Lavender Blush EP

Lavender Blush EP


Lavender Blush EP

Lavender Blush is a newish San Francisco based noisepop project. Band member Ryan Lescure has already been involved with several like-minded groups including LSD and the Search for God, Moonbeams, and My Red Dress. According to themselves they are devoted to “ home recording, atmospherics, and analog warmth.”

Band members are Alvin Fenner, Sam Hewatt, Chris Howard, Ryan Lescure.

Lavender Blush will appeal to lovers of lo-fi, shoegaze/dream pop and noisepop. The 5 EP tracks have a DIY, nonchalant aura and are a bit of a hotchpotch of favourite indie sounds from the early 90’s and 80’s, wrapped up and drowned in over-the-top echoes, atmospheric distortion and adorned by subdued vocals that often remind me of Savage Sister’s ( Michael Tenzer’s) distinctive sound.

Opening track “Reincarnation” starts with a gloomy, dark 80’s bass but then picks up with dreamy riffs that strongly recall Swervedriver.  First thought on hearing the shortest track ( 1:40) “Channel” is:  The Smiths! but then literally in the haze of a drunken soundpool. “Andrew H” is definitely one of the highlights on this EP with its “darkness and light” tension and its MBV-esque drone. “My Pal K” is the other favourite: a jangly mood booster that draws us into the early 90’s era. Closing track “ Misdirection”  has strong Velvet Underground vibes which suit the low crooning vocals perfectly!

Pick up the ‘Lavender Blush’ EP now via Blue Aurora Audio (

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