The Narrative – On The Ride

The Narrative – On The Ride

The Narrative are an indie duo writing music out of East Nashville, TN. Jesse Gabriel (guitar, vocals) and Suzie Zeldin (vocals, keys) mix organic and electronic elements in their productions. They wouldn’t normally be a project that would appear on FAR, but the latest track suits the blog as it’s heading in the direction of chillwave and will appeal to fans of M83, Brothertiger and The Diogenes Club. It’s an aptly named dreamy electro track that would work well as a soundtrack to a roadtrip.

The Narrative have released 3 full lengths and an EP sofar. “On The Ride” is the 2nd single from their latest EP, “New Anxieties“. Suzie says the song explores the concept of free will and what control (if any) we have in the choices we make in our lives. The song is a conversation with herself about the choices she’s made and accepting that she couldn’t have made any different ones.

Suzie: “On The Ride” is about forgiveness and freedom. It is about letting go of the things you did or didn’t do in the past and embracing that no other outcome is or ever was possible, so you can move forward without the heaviness of regret. It is about letting go of the “what-ifs” in your life and accepting we are less in control of our actions and our choices than we think we are. At any given moment, you are doing the best with what you have, and your unique experiences and biology are what influence those choices and actions.

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