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The Infinite Daisy Chains – Wake Up / Melting into You

The Infinite Daisy Chains – Wake Up / Melting into You

On June 5th, the two-sided single “Wake Up / Melting into You” by new, WashingtonDC-based project The Infinite Daisy Chains, came to light, and drew my attention. The single is a pleasant piece of synthy dreampop with a glazings of psychey – very 90’s – retropop and hazy female vocals à la Broadcast, Diasies, Melody’s Echo Chamber etc.

Bandmembers Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge met at a rehearsal in a “dimly lit garage to tying the knot five years later in marriage“, and decided to combine their love for creating and performing music, by forming The Infinite Daisy Chains. The Infinite Daisy Chains generate new ideas from synthesizers, drum-machines and other instruments, to fuse their sonic influences, from bedroomop and dreamy neo-psychedelia, in a way that is totally their own.

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