Sapphire and Steel – Snø 

Sapphire and Steel – Snø 

When Estella casually mentioned Sapphire and Steel were releasing a new ‘themed’ double A side in 24 hours’ time, fittingly it was during a conversation about the latest of our now commonplace extreme weather events (the climate crisis just keeps on giving).

The funny thing was she took my comment about not being ‘blown away’ to be about the music when actually, it was about the wind…

As far as the music is concerned well, coming at the tail-end of winter, we have two humbly lovely snow songs where snow is as much a metaphor for the need to recover from the chill of life’s often icy currents, as it a description of frozen water.

Snø is one of those apparently unassuming songs that three listens’ later has insinuated itself deep into your brain via a jangly riff, undulating bass and some glorious stereo panning effects bringing back that 10cc I’m Not in Love feeling. A gentle tale of hope that requires no knowledge of Norwegian to spread it’s tenderly reassuring message.

In fact it’s actually the successful product of a literary/musical crossover, as lyrics come from the pen of Norwegian novelist Levi Henriksen author of bestseller Snø Vill Falle Over Snø Som Har Falt.

Second track, Snowstorms, wisely reminds us of the need to store up those warm memories for the inevitable time when the temperature drops, the wind swirls around you and the light at the end of the tunnel seems fainter than ever. It’s also a damn fine slice of sunny indie-pop.

Don’t worry, it’ll soon be spring, in the meantime shut out the weather and bathe in warm melancholy, it never fails.

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