Mini Trees – Slip Away EP

Mini Trees – Slip Away EP

With Maddie Jay and Port Lucian we had some solo bedroompop girls prove their “worth beyond fad” this spring, and to join them today is Mini Trees: a chamber force to be reckoned with. Mini Trees took shape in July 2018 and is the project of Los Angeles-based musician Lexi Vega. Lexi, who has an obsession with all things miniature, tells us her sonic story through a distinctly emotive melody-palette.

Her 2019 debut EP Steady Me was produced by the grand Jon Joseph, who she also got on board for her second EP “Slip Away“(release May 29), named after the opening track that was also released as a single on April the 3rd this year. While her previous EP Steady Me reflected on the turbulence and uncertainty of love within relationships, Lexi’s second EP is more preoccupied with broader questions in regards to self-acceptance and happiness.

Opener “Slip Away” is a splendid introduction to Lexi‘s sound and also a definite highlight on the EP. Despite the obvious influences of familiar mellow indiepop acts like Daywave, Fazerdaze etc, it becomes clear along the melody-lines and sunlit harmonies that composition-wise, there is something really solid here. Enough to keep the attention of the listener focussed. Songs like “Garden” and “April” are absolute builders: the moment you think you can safely dose off into the soothing dreaminess of it all, you’re abruptly awoken by a sudden time-signature change or some psychedelic effects. “Want Me To Stay” is a moment of waltzy bliss drenched in melancholy and closer of the EP, “Honestly,  is another wonderful example of how to keep a track varied, unpredictable and interesting without diminishing a song’s continuity and ending up with a schizophrenic, unlistenable piece of work. Musicians take heed! I will be playing this EP a lot this summer!

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