Men I Trust – Say, Can You Hear

Men I Trust – Say, Can You Hear

Men I Trust, are a dreampop trio from Montreal (Canada) that started out in 2014 and consists of Emm(anuelle) Proulx (guitar/vocals), Jessy Caron (bass), Dragos Chiriac (multi), who are the poster kids of the bedroom pop /DIY generation. Whilst the typical hazy guitars and subdued/breathy vocals typical of the dreampop genre are ever-present, Men I Trust stand out because theirs is a sound with a tad more soul/jazz and bouncing rhythms & groove in the bass-lines.

Men I Trust will release their 3rd album/EP (“Oncle Jazz”) in February, and after sticking to sporadic singles since they put out the first two EP’s “Men I Trust” and “Headroom”, they released  their new single “Say, Can You Hear “on the 30th of November. “Say, Can You Hear ” slowly builds up the tension along a “Joy Divison-bass-line” and soft, composed vocals… then the fragile, unsettling guitars chords glide in, adding an almost brooding Lynchean atmosphere. It reminded me a lot of the beautiful “Forest” by Savage Sister. The song is an observation of an unyielding character : “Staying at the end of a hallway /Dozens of doors you never tried to open / Narrow vision, you’re the scapegoat / You fix things that have never been broken /  Waiting for the world to bend around you”. 

About the video Men I Trust say: “Making that video was very special for the 3 of us. Our friend Petrus’ performance was so good and so genuine that we were in awe, nervously laughing and very moved the whole day. The video came together super naturally as a living thing. We wish we could have recorded all the things he said.”

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