Lisa Mychols & Super 8 – Honey Bee

Lisa Mychols & Super 8 – Honey Bee

True Californian Girl Lisa Mychols, who also seems to be known asThe Queen of Power Pop”, and UK-based pop maverick and multi-instrumentalist Paul Ryan, have teamed up again for this, their 2nd single release.

Today is the day that their super summery single “Honey Bee” sees the light of day: a must for lovers of sunshine pop, northern soul and the sound and aesthetics of the 60’s in general. The song is a groovy feel-good tune with lush layers of sprightly harmonies. Now I don’t know much about power pop, but I really love Lisa‘s sultry voice and I think that the unison and juxtapostion with Paul’s works like a charm here. It’s impossible not feel happy, or at least uplifted by hearing this!

Paul Ryan on “Honey Bee“: “We just wanted this one to be an unashamedly out’n’out 3 minute Summer Pop song – simple as that! Something to musically lift Folk’s spirits in these trying times. I feel we achieved what we set out to. It’s a catchy little number for sure!” “Honey Bee’ is a great little “sop” to tide us over whilst waiting for the Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 album – scheduled for a Summer 2020 –  to release.

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