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Maddie Jay – Shakes

Maddie Jay – Shakes

Los Angeles based / Canadian born Maddie Jay is one of those girlies that make bedroompop. There seems to be a lot of them these days. Some of them are cute, some bland, some merely Billie Eilish clones. But some of them have a proper music-school background and really blow me away. Maddie Jay is one of those: she is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who “draws from lighter, vintage inspired influences to round out her palette“. Having her musical origins as a bass-player, her productions are very rhythm-section driven (like Men I Trust), but at the same time influenced by everything from psychedelic rock to lo-fi hip-hop to jangle-pop.

Today she releases her EP Mood Swings together with single “Shakes”. At first play, “Shakes” starts out like a classic indiepop track but there’s something about the infectious riff, the soulful vocals and sheer energy of the ride that make you hang on in anticipation, something that is totally rewarded as the songs suddenly takes a swerve into psych/dreampop heaven, only with the phattest bassline ever. The song is beautifully layered, sublimely detailed and composed, and at the end you’ll just be like: “damn what just happened there!? That was so goooood!! Let’s do it again!

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