Found Space – Don’t Let It Go

Found Space – Don’t Let It Go

Good stuff is easily missed, but luckily we have a good network and when I have time, I will sift through posts by people in the groups and actually click on a few things to listen. One of those songs happened to be Don’t Let It Go, by Found Space. Now, it’s no big secret that I was a huge Hazel English fan from day one, but things change and Hazel has broken out of her niche and changed her musical style quite radically. You can either love or hate it but I guess evolving as an artist is an inevitable course of events in the end. Personally, I am a lover of the early sound and well aware that the man responsible for this was Day Wave‘s Jackson Phillips, who has recently released his Crush EP which takes us back to the sound of the earlier EP’s.

Spencer Smalley happens to be a live guitarist for Day Wave, and his project Found Space released a debut single “Don’t Let It Go” in March, that was co-produced by Jackson Phillips. Singer Lily Christopher graces the song with her quiless vocals next to Spencer‘s, and it’s almost like this is the ideal project that never was: as if Hazel and Jackson finally started a band together, only coming from a slightly different direction. Sometimes you need to change a winning team to get result, and I am looking forward to the result of this project, because the new found space is really lucid and hopeful.

Spencer on “Don’t Let It Go: “This song began as an ode to the moon’s gravitational pull on the heart. With collaboration, it developed into a commentary on the phases of emotional growth. I wanted to address the fears of change and in a lot of ways the climax of the song was a way for me to face those fears head on. To me, “Don’t Let It Go” represents hanging on to that crucial faith in the unknown.”

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