Fadeawayradiate Top 5 lists 2019

Fadeawayradiate Top 5 lists 2019

The end to a decade: time flies! All in all, I think this decade definitely saw more interesting releases in indie-music than the preceding one. We had a lot of recycling of past musical styles that gradually, smoothly have rolled into a current anthology of hybrid sounds. We started off with a shoegaze revival; then dreampop became a very broad concept which incorporated all kinds of possible retro styles; we saw the return of 80’s sophistipop & daytime disco and a big resurgence in all things jangly lofi and twee happening.

The Fade Away Radiate team’s picks of the year are a clear, varying representation of these different influences present in indie-music today, since our taste and specialities sometimes overlap but are in different corners at the same time…. Happy Xmas and Merry NewYear! Lots of great releases expected next year! Thanks for following, reading and supporting. Much Love!

Top 5 albums/EP’s Estella Rosa:

Men I TrustOncle Jazz
King KruleHey World
Epic 45Sun Memory Ep
DaisiesWhat Are You Waiting For?
Emmet Kai – Baby Hits

Top 5 singles Estella Rosa:

Hazel English – Shaking
Pure MoodsTide
Pia FrausHidden Parks
Human BarbieBe Careful What You Wish For
Luby SparksSomewhere

Top 5 albums/EP’s Dane di Pierro:

Divine SweaterHuman Love
Living HourSofter Faces
The DayMidnight Parade
Teen BodyDreamo

Top 5 singles Dane di Pierro:

Japanese Breakfast Essentially
Star TropicsThe Other Side of Midnight
Jay SomSuperbike
RideFuture Love

Top 5 albums/EP’s Brenna Cavanaugh:

Blushing  – ST
CapitolDream Noise
Drab MajestyModern Mirror
Ritual HowlsRendered Armor

Top 5 singles Brenna Cavanaugh:

ChasmsUntil it Happens to You
Soccer MommyYellow is the Color of Her Eyes
Soft KillTin Foil Drip
Orville PeckTurn to Hate

Also check out the playlist that Dane did on Spotify!:

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