Bathe – All I Wanted

Bathe – All I Wanted

In September we introduced Bathe on Fadeawayradiate (multi-instrumentalist/bassist Bailey Crone from Atlanta, GA) with her debut single “The Silence“, as a promising newcomer in the dreampop-scene.

Her third single All I Wanted” is a dreampop cover of emo-core band Paramore‘s original. Personally, the idea of a Paramore cover wasn’t making me jump for joy, but Bathe‘s rendition most certainly has brought the beauty to the surface and made it entirely her own: a seductive, swoony dreampop track with one hell of a solid rhythm section. Bathe‘s forthcoming album Last Looks, will exude a sonic aesthetic Bathe is more proud of than ever: she is strongly influenced by the likes of Beach House, but keeps her signature guitar sound floating through waves of shimmery reverb submerging us all in her moods.

Bailey: “It was important to me to keep the original intentions of “All I Wanted” as far as structure and flow, but I wanted to completely change the aesthetic of the original song to become super dreamy and slightly groovy – which is what I’d define the sound of Bathe as. “All I Wanted” has this mystery around it and I almost felt a little bit of taboo trying to approach it as a cover, but since it means to much to me and my past, I am hoping that me playing it is seen as a “thanks” to Paramore and all those memories I have associated with this song and era of my life.”

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