Camilo Beltran – Whispers

Camilo Beltran – Whispers

I recently got this subtle gem of a song submitted that was too precious not to pay attention to: “Whispers” is a brief, temperate track in 3/4 timing, balanced on a sober acoustic guitar that ripples alongside whispery vocals, subddued synths and swelling echoes of brass that set a mood reminiscent of that of the Blue Nile. For a transient moment bliss and regret meet, define the moment, and silently part ways…

Singer/ songwriter Camilo Beltran explains: “Whispers” was firstly written as a poem about my own exclusion from the world after a break-up from a long-term relationship. The words are thoughts about the hazy feeling of breaking of with someone who’ve you’ve been spending most days with over the past years.

Camilo Beltran recorded an EP called “We were Awakened EP” that was the first of a trilogy. He has now recorded the second song of the trilogy “Whispers“. Camilo calls the EP project a “bedroom trilogy” as he writes, records, mixes and masters the EP´s himself and is in the process of writing the third as we speak.

Camilo Beltran is a singer-songwriter currently living in Bergen, Norway. His music can be described as a good mix of Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens with a good blend of dreamy ambience. The music is a recollection or a collage of his experiences in life, and structured as a puzzle so the listener can bring and take from the music what they want without much of my own life being shoved down their imagination.

Camilo: “I have also recorded a full length album with producer Jens Kristian Rimau at Broen Studio in Bergen last year. The album is called “Arco Iris” and will hopefully be released at the end of 2018. The album is fully finished and is a step away from the EP trilogy in the sense of production and lyrics, as the album is a mix of other people’s stories and experiences, and is produced and co-written with Jens Kristian Rimau.

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