Northwest – Dimaryp

Northwest – Dimaryp

I already added their mesmerising track “Wind” to one of my playlists this year, and was an instantly hooked on their supernatural, atmospheric “poetry in sound” stuff… This time the London-based act Northwest showcases a more innovative and experimental sound, featuring an old tube organ recorded in Hertfordshire and the hypnotic production of Ignacio Simón, over which the poignant voice of Mariuca García-Lomas stands out. “Dymarip” draws its inspiration from diverse artists such as Robert Wyatt, Scott Walker and Portishead and is a first taste from Northwest’s debut album, which will be ready after the Summer.

Along with this release, a brandnew video is released that will delight lovers of Twin Peaks and the Ring (Japanese version): an eerie visual piece, starring a dark alter-ego of Mariuca, that was recorded throughout their recent tour around Italy. In this video, the duo pays tribute to German expressionista cinema, Japanese Kabuki theatre and some disturbing Southern European folklore, thereby introducing the audience to their renewed ethereal and obsessive audiovisual universe.

Northwest was formed in 2015 in the UK by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ignacio Simón and producer, visual artist, composer and singer Mariuca García-Lomas They gained media attention thanks to three home recorded singles (“Reflection”, “Wind” and “Look At Me“) which were released independently and with very little promotion. Northwest has managed to create an original and otherwordly atmosphere thanks to their unique blend of experimental jazz rhythms, ethereal and enigmatic layered vocals, classical orchestration, delicate production and nostalgic lyrics. Their upcoming debut album is one of the most awaited and promising projects of the independent music scene.

Northwest will be showcasing their music all around the UK for the following months and an extensive European tour will be announced soon. Please, visit for more information about the band and their upcoming concerts.

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