Secret Attraction – All Night

Secret Attraction – All Night

Secret Attraction is the project of Phoenix/Arizona-based producer Derek Wise. Starting 2014 with debut EP Desire, Wise is now 5 EP’s into his Secret Attraction project. In 2017 the Always and Promises EP’s were released. Always featured some of Wise‘s most dancefloor-ready work, including several joyous, pop-forward collaborations with Keats Collective member Rollergirl. Promises honed in on his funkier tendencies, resulting in a sleek, sensual collection of Prince-esque compositions. Wise is currently working on his debut full-length album entitled “Blush“, due March 15th this year.

All Night’ is the first single off of this first full length album: it is a swooney, hallucinogenic, uptempo dreampop track with musical influences galore. Something like a compelling blend of an 80’s Prince, Brothertiger, Orchid MantisNiki and the Dove and Tears for Fears. Seriously, what’s not to love!?

You can Pre order the new album on vinyl and cassette now on Bandcamp:

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