Marigold – Addicted

Marigold – Addicted

Ever since we featured the Candy Opera re-release it’s been a bit quiet on the sophistipop front here on Fadeawayradiate. It’s not that nothing is being produced that claims to be sophistipop, or influenced by it, but simply that there wasn’t much going around that stood out to me. Until somebody sent me the latest single by Indonesian band Marigold: so here we are once more with a release that I considered worthwhile. More to come!

We already talked about the twee/jangle scene in Indonesia in my article about the DIY label Shiny Happy Records, but apparently we can also speak of a small sophistipop scene of sorts there. The initial tones of the single “Addicted” instantly drag you into a world of enchantment, and the jazzy guitar-chords, retro keys, the effortlessly suave timbre of singer Melody and the attention for detail in the production,  make this an irresistible sophistipop-tune, the likes of which I would love to hear more!

Marigold who are currently a trio. Melody takes over the position of vocalist and keyboardist, with Ical on bass, and Ivan on guitar. The song which is released under GZZ Records also becomes the first indication of their upcoming debut album which is to be released somewhere this year.  The “Addicted” video can be viewed below and audio  can be enjoyed on various digital streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play.

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