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GOLDEN – Unaccountable

GOLDEN – Unaccountable

We have another girl called Bailey (see Bathe) making music by herself in her bedroom. This time under the moniker Golden. The first songs Golden shares with the world are part of a 7-track mixtape called Lazarus, a collection of songs she wrote and recorded in her railroad apartment in Brooklyn, NY. “Unaccountable” is the second single off this debut mixtape, and premiered yesterday. The track is an interesting, almost otherworldly, collage of sounds and waltzy loops that meander around quite nicely until Bailey’s vocals and the beats kick it into a proper coherent composition and the song structure gradually but forcefully emerges: sounding like a combination of chilly indie-dream-pop and the more obscure, experimental side of lo-fi bedroom-pop. All in all ending up like something quite unique.

Bailey herself about “Unaccountable: “The origin of the song started with a french horn sample I made from the classic radio station on my op-1. I fucked it up a bunch and made a loop and wrote the song on top of that. The sample sort of determined the key and bpm- and what chords/notes I could play- and the monotony of the loop seemed to influence my choice to talk about the things we don’t say out loud: like the times we consciously decide to keep our head down. Because maybe the truth isn’t always polite. Maybe it was growing up in LA or maybe it’s being a girl, but in many ways I’ve felt conditioned to “be nice” or “play nice” all the time, and I’m honestly just tired of that. Life is more interesting when you tell the truth, because then you have nothing to hide. And I guess this song was a tiny little tirade about that.”

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