Glassmanet – Enter The Deep

Glassmanet – Enter The Deep

Glassmanet is a dreamy, psychedelic pop project and also the pseudonym of a mysterious audio/visual artist from Norway, who makes “suboceanic & intergalactic journeys compressed into tiny sound waves”.

Today on the day that Fadeawayradiate resumes activity again, after a hiatus, we also celebrate the release of the new single of Glassmanet: a match made in heaven and high tides!

Glassmanet is like a marriage between Melody’s Echo Chamber and Lush and should not be missed by fans of the aforementioned and the likes of Vinyl Williams, Star Gazer Lillies, Men I Trust, Grouper, Lilies On Mars, Sereena Maneesh, Rumskib etc. and just overall people that like drowning in a sea of sound or disappearing into iridescence. Superb!

About the new single “Enter the Deep“, Glassmanet says: “Enter the Deep” was based on the feeling of slowly drowning further into negative feelings or thought patterns after a long period of apathy. At times it can almost feel more comfortable letting yourself submerge in the negativity until you realize its hard to get out of it. Drawing similarities between this psychological phenomena and siren mythology, the song adapted these concepts as a structural narrative drowned in walls of sound and mystical abstract vocalization.”

To get a better idea of the Glassmanet visual art, have a look at the Official Micro Album Music Video below:

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