Fleur Blue.e – Waterfall Spring

Fleur Blue.e – Waterfall Spring

Fleur bleu·e are a Paris-based dreampop duo consisting of singer Delphine Lucy Lam and Vlad Swann who have released quite a few singles already over the past two years and are about to release their full album “Unrequited Love” as we speak: an album full of graceful songs about yearning and wistfulness. At the same time they release single and video “Waterfall Spring.

Delphine‘s sultry timbre is heavily reminiscent of Hope Sandoval‘s and it is pretty easy to hear that their main influences come from 90’s indiepop acts like Mazzy Star and The Sundays. In the case of “Waterfall Spring” even The Smiths make an appearance in the chorus, which, in IMHO, is the best and most catchy part of the track. The guitar solo at 2:07 is also very cool!

The band seems to fit quite nicely in the dreampoppy niche of some more contemporary acts like Beach House and Alvvays, but still have to find their own sound amongst all the aforementioned inspirations. The potential is there but only time will tell! I think they sound better in French and would advise them to elaborate on that direction.

Debut Album Unrequited Love will house 11 songs and will be out on on October 25th. The release party will be at Boule Noire/ Paris on November 10th.

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