Amber Clouds – Perhaps Tomorrow

Amber Clouds – Perhaps Tomorrow

I came across Oslo based Amber Clouds’ single “Let’s Meet In Airvia a repost of another talented compatriot, called Måke, which we have paid some attention to in an article in September (Norway Calling).  I instantly shared the song and, as I do with what I like, I decided to keep my eye on them and press “follow”.
I am glad I did, because the following single – “Perhaps Tomorrow“- happened to turn out being a stellar one: it is a sunburst of sparkling jangle with added shimmery pedal-magic, an avalanche of lush synths and deep, deadpan vocals a la Morrissey. The composition has an effortless fluidity that entrains us along to the end where we are treated to a shattering halo of Slowdivian static noise. Beautiful! “Perhaps Tomorrow” harbours enough precious elements to allude to a shining future for Amber Clouds.

Amber Clouds are:
Nikolai: Vocals and Guitar/
Fredrik: Guitar / 
Vetle: Drums / Sondre: Bass /
Håvard: Synth

Frontguy Nikolai Grindland told us a bit about his band, and their latest single:

So, how was “Perhaps Tomorrow” recorded?

Nikolai:We recorded “Perhaps Tomorrow” (and our preceding single, “Lets Meet In Air”) at our rehearsal space. We record and produce/mix everything ourselves, which is a challenge, especially with our limited means. However, it is a fun challenge. We like creating and playing with sounds, as well as having full artistic control. We barely fit on stages anymore with all the pedals.”

What about the lyrics?:

Nikolai: Perhaps Tomorrow” is, I guess, my first truly honest song. It opened the door to me writing the way I actually need to be writing: with interest, and without fear; stop trying to hide behind vagueness and empty sentiments. In the end, people see right through that. Writing is a great outlet, and lord knows I need one.”

What are your plans?:

Nikolai: “As for future plans: we are writing our LP, which might take some time. We have tons of new songs ready, and are getting to be quite the productive band… however, we need money, as we want to do it properly. In the meantime, we are going to be playing as many shows as we can, as well as dropping some music here and there, to keep us on people’s minds.”

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