Dayflower – Seeing Up

Dayflower – Seeing Up

Seeing Up” is the third video from Dayflower, produced by the band as a visual companion to the song, which was originally released alongside “Neverfriend” on EDILS Recordings in September 2016. Earlier last year, on Fadeawayradiate, “Seeing Up” was portrayed as “a super spacey trip that has luscious juxtapositions of ethereal and noise and is crammed full of dreamy chords and electronic beats and other fine details  that are layered and layered and loop round and round like a psychedelic mantra… “

The video is a vivid record of dreamed trajectories and human collisions, merged with undulating swathes of colour and pattern. From the floating vantage point of the dreamer natural landscapes become abstract forms and alien textures. The sense of motion is constant, reflecting the rhythm of the music; perpetual, yet shifting – forwards or upwards, looping and glitchy or smoothly cyclical. Projections flicker, the lens immerses in honey and, as sound grows vertically, layer upon layer, our dream view gently ascends. It is hoped that this richly realised aesthetic interpretation of Seeing Up will add to the sensory experience, whether one is a familiar with the music or listening for the first time.

The song can be obtained for free here.

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