The Yellow Melodies – Sunshine Pop EP 3

The Yellow Melodies – Sunshine Pop EP 3

No one can accuse Spain’s Yellow Melodies of false advertising. This IS resolutely and emphatically ‘Sunshine Pop’.

Big bold songs that run towards you, deliver a massive wet kiss, then take you out on the town (against your better judgement) leaving you to stagger home at 3 a.m. definitely the worse for wear…

Opener “Importante” boots the door down with ringing chords, pile driving drums and an urgency that doesn’t falter.We are in the world of classic indie pop, occasionally dancing on the edge of out and out power pop, a bit like say Teenage Fanclub or Velvet Crush did so well back in the pre-Cambrian era. 

But the thing is, we always need music as joyous as this as an antidote to all that is grey and dreary out there.
Seven albums into a long career Yellow Melodies know what they’re doing
and are even brave enough (or foolhardy, depending on your point of view) to tackle a Talk Talk song.
Play loudly.

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