The Very Most – Do I Have To Do My Best All The Time?

The Very Most – Do I Have To Do My Best All The Time?

Once in while, something comes along that is so good, it makes you wonder why you have never heard of it. Especially when you hear the band has been around for ages. It happens a lot lately, as was the case with The Very Most.

The Very Most is the indiepop-project of Idaho-based Jeremy Jensen. Apparently, the project has existed since 2002, releasing 5 full-length albums, and 8 EPs! Jeremy writes about “stuff that matters, like the political situation we’ve found ourselves in, and stuff that maybe in the grand scheme of things might not matter as much as we think it does.” The sound of The Very Most is a sunny, classic indie-pop sound with a strong penchant for twee, kraut and jangle-pop. It calls to mind the days of Sarah and Siesta/El Records, and is strongly reminiscent of bands like Belle and Sebastian, Stereolab and Le Futur Pompiste but also some early sophistipop bands like Pale Fountains and Orange Juice. Retro synths, shimmery guitars, boy/girl dynamics, and abundant harmonies pass the revue and draw us into a world where all is well and worthy!

Today The Very Most reveal their single “Do I Have To Do My Best All The Time?” on which they are assisted by the lovely singer Cristina Quesada (Elefant Records) providing her breathy, innocent vocals à la Kahimi Karie/ Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Kristine Capua from the band Tiny Fireflies. “Do I Have To Do My Best All The Time?” sounds like a soundtrack to a 60’s pop-daydream with Cristina skipping happily along somewhere in Holland Park, wearing a mini skirt and blowing dandelions. Yes, exactly like that … albeit paired with the typical “twee” lyrics about self-perception, and innocence-versus-experience.

The Very Most have a new album out soon (October 9) named Needs Help. The title comes from the fact that Jeremy, recorded a “range” of songs that were outside his vocal range, which required him to recruit a small army of guest vocalists. I can already disclose that it will be in my top 5 albums of the year. Seriously, so much good stuff is being released right now that it seems make up for the last 15 years. What year is it again?

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