The Hepburns (featuring Estella Rosa) – The Other Side Of Grey

The Hepburns (featuring Estella Rosa) – The Other Side Of Grey

You know those days, you’re hot, bothered, things are really not going your way.The light at the end of the tunnel is about as strong as a malfunctioning bicycle light on a pitch black night.

Well, I don’t have a solution for all that, but the dream ticket of indie legends The Hepburns and our own host Estella Rosa have provided a gossamer light piece of indie-pop classicism that goes down like your favourite cocktail and may just take your mind off life’s travails for three minutes twenty nine seconds, which is no small achievement.

Ahead of the much anticipated Elefant Records release of the Architecture of the Ages album we have the first taste, via this digital single replete with non album ‘b side’. The Other Side of Grey is a homage to the turning of the seasons, there’s a little hint of the pastoral tones of early solo Julian Cope and that can only be welcomed.

Virtual ‘flip side’ Midnight Guy, is no throwaway outtake so you will need to add it’s boss nova shimmy to your download collection.

Despite the early morning gloom The Other Side of Grey shows us there’s another life beyond the darkness, and anyway, hearing Estella sing always makes me think of Paris for some reason and what’s not good about that?

It’s all shades of dreamy pop gorgeousness – but definitely not grey.


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