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Teen Idle – Dreaming

Teen Idle – Dreaming

Teen Idle is the music project of 22-year-old songwriter Sara Barry who has just released her debut single Dreaming”. My friend Krissy from the band Whimsical was already raving about this song and doing a pretty good job at spreading the word, so I had a listen. When the song came in through Submithub, I gladly accepted. Here’s why: since the song starts out at a very slow and minimalistic pace, I was slightly sceptical at first. Surely enough, it sounded like the obvious influences mentioned (Cigarettes After SexBeach HouseRed House Painters), but the one thing that stood out and convinced me was Sara’s voice. To be honest, in a time where we are bombarded with vocal gymnastics on The Voice and Idols and such, it is always such a relief to hear some natural, “understated” singing. Her voice is soothing and soft, yet her timbre is distinct and captivating, and blends in perfectly with the lulling quietude of the song that does its title much justice.

For fans of: Cigarettes After Sex, Red House Painters, Codeine, Grouper

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