RÊVERIE are an all girl trio from my native Amsterdam, who look like Billie Eilish (when she still had cool hair), Sonya Madan from Echobelly and Silje Wergeland from The Gathering joined forces. So it’s no surprise that their music contains notable traces of 90’s shoegaze/indiepop, with a more up-to-date sheen/ rhythm. I seem to keep bringing 90’s indieband Adorable up recently but, once again, listening to the new RÊVERIE single ‘Life’, I clearly hear “Vendetta” crashing past in the chorus. As to whether they’ve ever heard of the afore-mentioned legends remains but a guess, but they certainly must have been listening closely to music from this epoque and associated circles.

RÊVERIE are singer/guitarist Sara-Devika Matyus, bassist Anna Lilith Weber and drummer Stein Petit. The three piece outfit, ranging from 17 to 23 years old, is ready to change people’s view on genres in general: ‘We strongly feel like genres are outdated. We don’t feel like all emotions can be boxed inside of one genre. We want you to feel like you’ve been through a lot of listening to a couple of our songs, and the most expressive way to do that is by making songs completely free from expectations inside of a realm.’ Having to put labels on themselves to give people an impression, they would describe themselves as a rock band that also makes pop, hip hop and ambient music – but their biggest characteristic is that they are strongly into experimenting and making sure they make something people don’t hear a lot.

According to RÊVERIE, Life” is a cynical track about life, contrasted with upbeat, Latin inspired dancy percussion, which progresses into a genre-twisting indie-rock track. Sara-Devika : “Ever felt like your life is a movie? Sometimes even quite a morbid one? Felt confused about how so many people can be satisfied in daily life? Yeah me too, that was the inspiration for writing this.’ says. ‘It’s so weird with how much passion you can try to tackle your dreams, but still how dark life can be at the same time. It’s like a person that’s always happy but on the other hand completely ignorant to all the bad things that happen around them. To me often that seemed to be more a choice to be able to move on and go after your dreams than not knowing any better. That’s why I thought it was pretty nice to contrast these cynical lyrics that are basically about life with upbeat percussive parts. See it as the happiness and warmth of fire, but the destructive things it can do.’’

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