Remington Super 60 – The Highway Again

Remington Super 60 – The Highway Again

Remington super 60 is/was an indie pop band from Norway, that released quite a bit of material in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s, during the heyday of many of their peers and influences like Stereolab, High Llamas, Birdie, Yo La Tengo & Eggstone. Remington Super 60 was founded by the group’s songwriter and bedroom producer Christoffer Schou and has had different members over the years (Magnus Abelsen, Benedicte Sveinsson, Elisabeth Thorsen amongst others). Lately, the band had developed a bit of a cult status, and even a tribute album made in our honour in 2107. Then suddenly, last year, they surprised everyone with a brand-new xmas song, and a couple of weeks ago, they released a new single from a forthcoming EP, to be expected this autumn.

As usual, when a legendary band comes up with new material, tensions are high, to say the least: are they going to ruin our idyllic memories? Are they going to release mediocre stuff that we gloss over simply because we used to adore them? Or will they inspire anew, but in the way they used to? The first few seconds I wonder where it is going, but at 0:32, I fully realise that the latter case is appropriate. “The Highway Again” is modest, it’s subtle, it’s beautiful and total immersion into retro heaven again. It’s a slow morning car ride in a late 60’s film, the sun coming up filtered through the trees, the dusty road ahead and the promise of the unknown. Perfection. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore… oh wait…they do!

The new EP will be released on Christoffer‘s own label Café Superstar Recordings: can’t wait!

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