Pia Fraus – Cloudy Eyes / Rocketship – Outer Otherness Split 7″

Pia Fraus – Cloudy Eyes / Rocketship – Outer Otherness Split 7″


Pia Fraus presents their new single ( March 2017) as a split 7” together with a new track from Rocketship on Estonian label Seksound.

This split single includes a new track from both bands, recorded especially for this particular release:

We haven’t heard any new material from the legendary Pia Fraus in quite a while, so I was excited to learn of this new single! “Cloudy Eyes” contains all that we love about Pia Fraus: noisy shoegaze twangs, wispy boy/girl harmonies, and dreamy chords strumming gently on cloud 9. Was my mind blown? Is this surprisingly new?  To be honest, no. Apart from that I don’t have a single objection to this new song….

Rocketship,  a band I was totally unfamilar with so far,  seem to be big fans of Stereolab just like their mates from the aforementioned band. The single “Outer Otherness” starts off as a darkish synth-pop track that is gradually blended with psychey effects and operatic vocals and ends up in a summer in Paris in the 60’s.  I certainly don’t mind that!

For more info on Pia Fraus and/or review of their “Nature Heart Software” album click here: https://fadeawayradiate.com/piafraus

Pia Fraus: Eve Komp, Kärt Ojavee, Rein Fuks, Reijo Tagapere, Margus Voolpriit Rocketship: Ellen Osborn & Dusty Reske
Mastered by Lauri Liivak, Pärnu Photo by Eve Komp
Design by Kaarel Vahtramäe


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