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Orchid Mantis – Never Know Why

Orchid Mantis – Never Know Why

Orchid Mantis is an experimental recording dreampop project by Atlanta-based multitalent Thomas Howard. The project inhabits the border regions between ambient sound collages and dream-pop, employing odd/lo-fi recording methods & strange, obscure samples. Single “Within And Apart“ ( ) was released in August this year as the 1st song of the forthcoming album “Far From This World“, followed by “Light Beyond” and yesterday, single “Never Know Why” premiered. “Never Know Why“, once again, shows us that “Far From This World” may well be one of Howard‘s best works to date. If not that, it will certainly be approaching album Kula Sunset. “Never Know Why” is a perfect marriage between Howard’s signature scattered weirdness and a sunny dreampop sound that is slightly easier on the ear. To me personally, choosing one or the other didn’t work as well for him. Can’t wait to hear the album!

According to Howard, his forthcoming album “Far From This World” is “the first thing I’ve recorded that doesn’t feel retrospective or past-oriented. It feels like a transitional time, and in the face of such uncertainty we often look for an escape. That’s what this album did for me. It allowed me to get away from everything when nothing else worked. It got me through a really rough time, and honestly, in that sense its job is already over. While writing and recording this album, I moved back home after the dissolution of a 3-year relationship, graduated from college, and moved again. Many things changed, fell apart, and were rebuilt.

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