Nah … – Summer’s Failing EP

Nah … – Summer’s Failing EP

Indiepop duo Nah… , who are based in Amsterdam in Munster, have released their debut EP “Summer’s Failing”, and it’s everything that fans of dreampop and twee could possibly ask for. Luscious harmonies and indie pop sensibility is stamped upon each track and with the short release, less is more, and this lends itself to welcomed and easy multiple re-listens.
The title track offers a sound that is big, bright, fuzzy and fun; which for me as been the go to track of this spring season; as warmth radiates off the song in a way that only a hand full of carefully crafted pop songs can. It has a bit of a Stereolab meets Aztec Camera vibe, for those of us interested in the game: “What does it sound like?”

The next track; “The Light Will Always Shine” features a catchy riff and hook, bright full guitar chords, “Oooohhhs and Ahhhs” in the background, continued layered male and female harmonies; all of which keep the EP moving along and the listener reminiscent of any special memories tinged with sunlight.
Annie” offers a similar structure but has a little bit of bite with the guitar effects layered over the track. It also has the earworm quality that will more than likely have you singing along; “Running like the wind today…” and find yourself humming it later in the day without any kind of prompting.

Linus” has a bit of a Nico/Velvet Underground feel to the structure and vocals. This cover of the Birdie tune fits right in with the rest of the outing and serves as a solid end piece to the release.

Everything about this makes me want to grab an overnight bag, my sunglasses, and hop in my vehicle for a summer road trip. Turn the volume way up, let the sunshine on your face, roll the windows down and let the wind blow through your hair. “Summer’s Failing” will leave you feeling nostalgic for those long lost summer teenage dreams, and perhaps even cause you to go out and create new memories.

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