Nah … – Apple Blossoms

Nah … – Apple Blossoms

The trouble with being in a band and running a blog is that you can’t review your own stuff. Still, it feels kinda weird not posting about something you’re proud of and dig on a medium closest at hand to spread it effectively. So I decided to post anyway by assembling some highlights of the reviews we got for our last single “Apple Blossoms” (released on Fadeawayradiate Records on April 5th) and spread some love for the blogs that we love at the same time! Shout out to all that supported us by writing a few lines, giving us some airplay and buying the CD’s or downloads! We love you!

the majesty of the song stems from the vocal interplay between Sebastian and Estella; it’s like they’re singing to one another from opposite sides of the room, and we’re all caught up in the melodious dialogue. Put this on play and don’t look back!“(Austin Tow Hall)

“..once more, the duo calculate just the right level of perversity as the accentuation of Voss’ deep baritone consistently collides with the saccharine surrounds. Once again the listener is beautifully disturbed in all the most appropriate ways.”(Jangle Pop Hub)

It’s called Apple Blossoms and musically, the title track is a perfect example of the sort of 60s sunshine indiepop just mentioned that makes your heart melt – an upbeat rhythm, crystal clear guitars and chimes, harmonica and perfectly orchestrated girl/boy harmonies make for a supersweet sound, even though the song itself is not exactly a celebration of spring but a lament of feelings and sparkles lost and a melancholy memory of the time when “Apple Blossoms emphasised your charms“ – a lyrical twist that only serves to emphasise the song’s charm.“(Emmas Housemusic)

Dutch-German project Nah as gifted us with the breath of spring on their new single. Apple Blossoms. The title track is especially gorgeous, with dual vocals by Estella Rosa and Sebastian Voss, but the b-side charms as well“(When You Motor Away Blogspot)

Two more winning tunes and I hope they keep on keeping on (fans of Birdie or Shoestrings should love it)“(Daggerzine)

The wonderful band formed by Sebastian Voss and Estella Rosa have a new single out! It has two songs, “Apple Blossoms” and “Primavera” and they do sound just like the perfect music for spring with the lovely boy/girl vocals! “(Cloudberry Cake Proselytism)

Apple Blossoms’ springs to life with a sharply echoing guitar and swings through the boughs with a melodiously retro upbeat urgency, the perfect soundtrack for a reboot of Tammy, Carol Danvers to play Debbie Reynolds and her alter-ego Sandra Dee.”(Reverb Raccoon)

Joint vocals join jangling guitars and as the song reaches its climax it feels like it’s the ending to a film as our heroes ride off into the sunset” (Records I Like)

Apple Blossoms” is a delight that goes very well with the spring that has just begun, fresh, inviting and sweetly melodic rhythms: the balance between the two voices, the gentle guitars and a pop sensibilities that sound almost from another era,, make the song a real little gem” (Indie For Bunnies)

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