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Margot – Arles

Margot – Arles

London dream-pop quintet Margot, were introduced here in May last year, when they released their first single, “Desensitised” (Margot – Desensitised). A few singles down the line, they release their new single “Arles” today.
While “Desensitisedwas a track that “oozed the fragile sophistipop sensibilities of Prefab Sprout and Destroyer, “Arles“, on the other hand, is a track in the proper dreampop/shoegaze tradition. Its gentle jangle verses drift on Slowdivean undercurrents, like subdued fire, and is accentuated by gushes of dramatic modulation.

In “Arles” characters and their relationships, are imagined to create a voice through which vocalist Alex Hannaway can express his own thoughts. Citing influence from various art-forms, Margot’s loving treatment of kitchen-sink drama blurs the lines between high and popular culture. Alex: “Arlesis about the juxtaposition of receiving devastating news in a beautiful place.

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