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Lunar Isles – Anchorage

Lunar Isles – Anchorage

I seriously hadn’t heard of Lunar Isles before, other than briefly brushing past them on Instagram, but hearing their latest single was enough to want to share it with the world. I have been saying lately, that from now on, I only want to share music I believe in and love 100%, and this is certainly it! The music is gorgeously balanced, never oppressive, subtle and sheer, combining all the elements I love in music. Far away surf-guitars, velours subdued vocals, shimmery jangle, a genuine lofi production that is reminiscent of Sarah Records, early shoegaze, postpunk with a sheen of new-fashioned dreampop. I have listened to the older tracks, which are all equally beautiful, but it feels as if, with Anchorage, a more solid sound is starting to emerge from this project. A sound which will please, dreampoppers, janglers, twee-sters and postpunkies alike.

Lunar Isles is the moniker of David Skimming, a Scottish multi-instrumentalist who produces dreamy surf-pop songs with a DIY approach from his newfound home of South Korea. After putting out a series of singles in the early part of the year, his debut album ‘Tides’ was released in April 2021.Anchorage (released on October 8th) is the first single of forthcoming album Mirror Shapes will be released this November. I seriously cannot wait to have it on repeat in the mornings. I finally found something that is up there with Orchid Mantis and Secret Attraction, although Lunar Isles inhabits a slightly less obscure, more glimmery, hopeful planet. Still far out there though… pure bliss!


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