Hazel English – Shaking

Hazel English – Shaking

I listen to so many bands in the dream pop genre for the blog, radio-show and groups, and bands and songs come and go. One artist that, however I keep going back to is Hazel English, not only because she is a lovely person, but because her songs never grow weary. Lord knows why, but they are just exactly what I want to hear, and I can hear them at any occasion! So it’s fair to say that I really, really missed her… and have been waiting for new material for years now.

Today the waiting is over because she releases her new single “Shaking”!! Hazel herself says: “Shaking is a song about power, seduction and the promise of spiritual awakening.””

I had no idea what to expect and, to be honest the little preview snippets made it sound like it was going to be radically different. But phew…”Shaking” is the opposite of a disappointment! It is very much the old dreamy Hazel in a refreshed package of sparkly classic indiepop. Happy to hear that she affirms my predicted trend of a revival of all things sunshine/psychpop (yes, our label just released a new comp in the same sort of line: F.A.R. OUT) I really, honestly cannot wait for the album! Already singing along to this… We’re shaking, this is an awakening Hazel!

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