Foreign Correspondent – The First One EP

Foreign Correspondent – The First One EP

Foreign Correspondent is a relatively new indie-pop outfit from Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed in 2017 when Chris Haggerty (lead guitar), Kepler Ryan (keys) Sun-Jong Chung (bass), and Bruce McIntyre (percussion) responded to an online advertisement posted by lead songwriter Marcus Campbell (guitar, vocals). In addition to its regular members, the band often features the appearance of instrumentalists Yunmi Jung (vocals), Callum Moncrieff (vibraphone), and Chris Munn and Hannah Walters (strings).

In 2018 Foreign Correspondent quietly released their debut single American High School Fashion and began preparing material for a full-length album, which has taken 3 years to finish. The First One EP, which Tokyo-based indie-pop label Blue-Very Label will release today, is a selection of 3 tracks from the forthcoming full-length. The EP is a nice collection of indiepop songs with clear sophisti and retro pop influences, which reminded me of, amongst others the Japanese Pictured Resort and Norwegian Loch Ness Mouse. Single The First One, is an exotica smoocher à la Sade with an overdose of chimes and saccharine strings, Crying in Your Sports Car (my favourite) is a more upbeat, brass-drenched feel-good tune that wouldn’t be out of place in the Shibuya-kei nest. If I Had a Visa” is an understated track with jazzy guitars, innocent vocals and vibes galore.

Overall, the music is detailed, well-played and arranged, but I would, personally, love to see some stronger vocals to complete the concept properly. However, I am curious about the full-length, it would certainly be nice to be able to finish those freshly poured cocktails!



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