Emmett Kai – Marigold

Emmett Kai – Marigold

Since the album “Baby Hits” ( February 2019), Emmett Kai, who according to himself is a freak pop novelty, has been knocking out songs at the speed of light! The most remarkable thing about it though, is that (almost) all these songs, are really really good.  I have been following this guy for a few years now,  and no other artist has been re-appearing as much as him on the radio-shows I did for DKFM, but I realised I never featured him on here. So, when I got this brand-new song in my inbox this morning, I decided to spotlight Emmett who, together with acts like Men I Trust and Real Estate, is an outstanding favourite that I keep going back to listen over and over again.

Emmett Kai is a pro-active, multi-talented songwriter/producer and label owner who makes a superior brand of indie-pop in which he synthesises all kind of styles: his songs are a clever compound of shoegaze/dreampop, 80s sophistipop and Princean soul. Emmett also produces & co-writes for other artists, releasing it on Unisex Records – the label he co-owns with electronic producer Nick Monaco.

Today Emmett has graced our Corona-laden world with “Marigold“: a track that lands us in aural heaven somewhere in between My Bloody Valentine and The Lemonheads, but still ending up sounding like Emmett The Magnificent himself. Like most of his tracks, this is an uplifting earworm that needs many re-visits and makes you feel like everything will be alright again, maybe better than before: …”and I miss my friends /when it all begins/ just let me in…”.

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