Dayflower – Stuck To You

Dayflower – Stuck To You

It’s been only six months since Dayflower released the Popping Candy EP but the Leicester band has been keeping busy in these COVID times and have revealed their latest single “Stuck To You”. 

Collaborating with vocalist and friend of the band Martha Bean, Dayflower combine bubbly synths and electronic textures with sparse guitar chords dripping with reverb. The band describes this song as being three years in the making and in all fairness dreampop perfection can take time to get it right. Where the Popping Candy EP was appropriately chock full of sugar coated pop rock, “Stuck To You” shows the band haven’t completely forgot how to craft vast sonic landscapes either. The song has an almost narrative flow to it like someone whispering a kind of cryptic story, but you can’t quite make out the words.  Like most songs of this genre though, the details of the lyrics are secondary to the atmosphere they create and “Stuck To You” gradually builds itself  into a beautiful swirling kaleidoscope of melodies. 

As previously touched upon, the song also represents a shift toward more programmed drumming, synthesizers and electronic drum kits compared to much of Dayflower‘s back catalogue. That could be interpreted as the necessary result of writing and recording music in an age of social distancing and lockdowns, but just as easily it could be indicative of a new evolution in the band’s sound. If “Stuck To You” is any indication, it could be a rewarding new avenue for Dayflower, who haven’t let the current challenges in the world inhibit their innovation and continue to beckon their listeners with this hypnotic new single.

Stuck To You” is available on digital platforms October 2nd.

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