Dayflower – Neverfriend / Seeing Up

Dayflower – Neverfriend / Seeing Up

13669313_645736715608478_5522375640453724877_oDayflower’s single new single -” Neverfriend” / “Seeing Up” deserves  bit of a Spotlight on here!

The band Dayflower from Leicester UK are :

Alex Clemence  – vocals, guitar

David Dhonau  bass

Chris Merriman – guitar

Simon Bland – drums.

According to themselves Dayflowerpour their honey-drenched pop melodies over a collage of fuzzed-up synths, lo-fi beats, and jangly guitars. Imagine Big Star‘s most ear-warming melodies, adorned with M83-esque synth hooks and steeped in layers of gauzy, blissful noise, recalling My Bloody Valentine.

Dayflower started in 2013, when the four bandmembers ended up chatting about their love for obscure ‘90s,  Shoegaze and Lo-Fi pop, after a show in Leicester. Soon after that, they began meeting up and recording songs. Their self-released a debut single called “Heart Shaped Tambourines  in 2014. This came to the ears of BBC Introducing’s Dean Jackson, and was selected by Tom Robinson for his BBC6 Introducing Mixtape.

After putting out “Big Blue last month,  Dayflower now return with their excellent new single “Neverfriend / “Seeing Up” with Edils Recordings.

Neverfriend” starts off with a recognisable little shoegaze riff a la MBV that actually sounds like they fall straight into this infectious chorus,  but we are deceived, because at 0:47 it suddenly jumps off a cliff into deep warm engulfing waters. It picks up again with added intricate beats, then submerges again until at 3:04 when it turns into an ambient lake of serenity and the track glides into nothingness…

Seeing Up’” is the song I actually prefer the most! It is a super spacey trip that has luscious juxtapositions of ethereal and noise and is crammed full of dreamy chords and electronic beats and other fine details (do I hear a flute at the end?) that are layered and layered and loop round and round like a psychedelic mantra… It is definitely a side to this band that I would like to hear more of!

Dayflower play The Cookie, Leicester on September 21 and again on October 6.

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