Dayflower – Daisy Age

Dayflower – Daisy Age

By now, British band Dayflower have become a household name on Fadeawayradiate! It all started when the late Chris Tressler, a beloved mutual friend, referred them to me and I was instantly interested. The double a-side single “Neverfriend/”Seeing Upwas the first featured on here. Then we spotlit the video release of the amazing, trippy Seeing Up, and we covered the premiere of the more jangly “Sweet Georgia Gazes”. Today, it’s time for yet another new single premiere from their side, called “Daisy Age“, which we also proudly present on Fadeawayradiate Records.

With ‘Daisy Age’, Dayflower hook deep into the rich soil of their British indie-pop heritage, and take us on an pop-odyssey along some of the greatest highlights of the 90’s / Creation Records era. Personally, I think, it could be described as it the Milltown Brother‘s “Here I Stand” meeting The Stone Roses‘ “Sally Cinamon” over subdued layers of guitar-swirls a la Kitchens of Distinction. It’s a seductive whirlpool of quickening jangle guitar feats (Chris Merriman), complex, mesmerising rhythms and heavenly harmonies over the bashful, languid vocal melodies of Alex Clemence. It all ends in maelstrom of delicate and fervent sounds that swell and swoosh around us like a storm of turmoil and bliss: “but still the ground below me, has swallowed me me whole and spit me out, round, round and back again”

Dayflower (press release): “Working with Sheffield-based producer Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, 65daysofstatic) has brought real dynamic punch to this, one of Dayflower’s most exhilarating ensemble performances, while the band’s own production coats this solid foundation in a woozy haze.

 Dayflower burst out from their fuzzy sonic cocoon with the 2017 summer jangle-pop gem “Sweet Georgia Gazes” The washed out textures of earlier work were still here, but the buzz-saw guitar attack that characterised songs like ‘Big Blue’ and ‘Neverfriend’ have given way to a more brightly, twanging Rickenbacker sound; hopefully evoking comparisons to the likes of The Byrds and The Smiths.

The video is a visual collaboration between Dayflower and Leicester based musical artist l’keem, documenting youthful friendship, the making of music and the passing of time. in l’keem’s words: ‘a picture for all seasons. join us through the cold, rain, heat and noise as we take you on a journey that is only just getting started.’ Filmed on location in Leicester, Sheffield, Oxford University and Notting Hill, London.

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