Color Of Light – My World Ends

Color Of Light – My World Ends

South-Carolina based dreampop outfit Color of Light just shared their new single “My World Ends“: a prelude to their new album Daydream Garden, that will arrive on November 13th on Imera Records. Color of Light’s sound sits comfortably in the circumferences of dreampop, psychpop and ambient. “My World Ends” is a translucent, ungraspable but heartwarming track, capturing the nature of fleeting memories and introspection, residing somewhere in between Slowdive, Orchid Mantis and Epic 45. The visuals accompanying the song emphasise this, consisting of sheer layers of faded images, colourful prisms and sun flares seeping through trees. It’s all as fragile as a soap bubble that you really don’t want to burst …

Color of Light is the project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Neuse, formerly of Coma Cinema (brainchild/lofi indieband of Mat Cochran). Somewhere during towards the last years of Coma Cinema, Neuse took a different musical direction and began his own project in 2014, taking his influences from labels such as 4AD and Kranky. He released his debut album Memory in 2015. Where Memory served as an emotional reckoning around mortality, his new album Daydream Garden comes from a place of acceptance. Sean: “This album deals with that loss, including the loss of my parents. I’m simultaneously connecting with nature, beauty and my own mortality on a much deeper level than ever before.”

I could definitely do with a whole album sounding like this, … on repeat!

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