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Bathe – The Silence

Bathe – The Silence

Last year saw Hatchie, Tallies and Barrie emerge unto the dreampop scene. This year, or whatever’s left of it, the project Bathe sees the light with a splendid debut track bathing in light. Bathe is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist/bassist Bailey Crone from Atlanta, GA. Her debut single, “The Silence” (released on September 4th), breezes forth, hazily and downy like an iridescent cloud, with a very nice jangly middle 8 at 2:20. It’s the sort of soundtrack to your daydreams and I, for one, certainly wouldn’t mind if Bailey expanded on this sound with an EP or album of sorts. Promising!

The Silence“was recorded at Standard Electric Recorders Co. with producer and mixing Engineer Damon Moon and was mastered by Joe Lambert. Bailey plays everything from drums, guitar, bass, to vocals on the project and aims to create songs you can “lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling to.” I think she has succeeded so far…

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