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Bathe Alone – Calm Down

Bathe Alone – Calm Down

We introduced Bathe Alone, formally known as the project Bathe (multi-instrumentalist/bassist Bailey Crone from Atlanta, GA) on here last year with her debut single “The Silence“, and later that year her third single All I Wanted”: a dreampoppy version of a  Paramore song. I hate repeating myself but damn: with this 4th single she hits the spot once again. Bailey‘s songs are too good to pass up!

“Calm Down” is Bathe Alone‘s 4th single and will appear on her upcoming debut album “Last Looks” this year. “Calm Down”  just shows us, once more, what a kickass drummer and bass-player this girl really is! Her soothing vocals and phrasing, and the percolating guitar chimes seem to counterbalance, and rein in, the fast, frantic dynamics of the more rhythmic parts, keeping it all composed and in place: a bit like trying to control feelings that are running away with you. Bailey herself, confirms the song title is apt because it “metaphorically sounds like what a panic attack feels like, with the guitar solos descending just to ramp back up again.” Despite the subject at hand, the track is a joy to listen to. I am positive Bathe Alone‘s debut album will be a sonic sanctuary for sore ears.

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