Barrie – Tal Uno

Estella Rosa

Brooklyn based dreampop outfit Barrie, consisting of members  Dom, Noah, Sabine, and Spurge share their second track, “Tal Uno” on label Winspear. The band formation certainly has an unusual background: lead songwriter Barrie Lindsay used to work as a studio assistant for a sculptor, while Spurge and Noah work at The Lot Radio – a community-run, online radio station – where the three met through a mutual friend and connected with their drummer Dom. Singer Sabine, from Brazil via Berlin (?), was recruited through a Tinder profile set up by the band to track down a bassist. Hilarious!

Their debut track “Canyons” received a warm welcome from newly acquired fans and press, but this second single, “Tal Uno”, is the one that caught my attention, since it’s a degree above that standard dreampop tune that we hear a lot these days, however pleasant they may be. The beauty of “Tal Uno” lies mostly in the fact that it’s understated, extremely laid-back, with clement, surging chord dives and refined added details like subtle vocal harmony changes along the way, reminding me of Broadcast and the Postmarks. A well-balanced composition that remains enjoyable throughout! The chorus poses us the question “Don’t you think that you can do better”? Well…  I’m good for now….

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