About us

Estella Rosa: I set up this blog in August 2015. I was writing for a few other online mags and blogs, and since I have a web-design background as well a literary one, I thought of doing my own thing after a while. Bit by bit things shaped into what we have right now. I am from Amsterdam and have a very broad musical taste and background. I am also the other half of twee outfit Nah…  and retropop duo Sapphire & Steel

Niche: jangly dreampop, trippy chillwave, tweepop and retro and sophistipop.

Simon Heavisides: Born in the north east of England but totally coincidentally now living in the same street in Bristol where Sarah Records began, I have a history of music addiction which lead to time in various obscure indie bands (Fruit a.o.) and a writing ‘career’ that even resulted in me getting paid on one occasion… My music taste spans many genres but began with post-punk.

Niche: Sophisti-pop, jangle, dream pop, indie and much more.

Dane Di Pierro: A New York native now living near Washington DC, Dane is an air traffic controller by day and is the guitarist and co-founder of dream pop band Distant Creatures. Dane has stayed active in experimental and indie pop bands since his teenage years and has previously written reviews at Sputnik Music.

Niche: indie pop, Dream pop, shoegaze, DIY and anything jangley