About us

This blog is a work of love for music! We don’t earn anything from our articles and reviews, so we are pretty flexible to write about anything we like and how we like. We do not practice standard music journalism here: we write from the heart! Music is personal and I don’t believe in “standard” anyway…

Estella Rosa: I set up this blog in August 2015, first primarily as an extension to the shoegaze on group I was running then. I was writing for a few other online mags and blogs, and since I have a web-design background as well a literary one, I thought of doing my own thing after a while. Bit by bit things shaped into what we have right now. I am an older “girl” from Amsterdam who has a very broad musical taste and background. I was active in the shoegaze/ indie scene in the 90’s, have a love for that music but also adore some of the music I listened to in the 80’s and have a broad collection of 60’s and retro music. Most of my fiends are still active in music and to be honest, it was and is almost the one and only thing for me that I am passionate about in life!

Niche: Hazy Glittery dreampop, janglepop and sophistipop.

Brenna Michelle Cavanaugh: is a freelance writer and artist from the midwestern United States; Michigan to be exact. Brenna has maintained Shoegaze Sundays (tumblr),  and/or ShoegazeSundays on FB for the past four and a half years and even sometimes creates her own Shoegaze and Dreampop sounds under the project Magnaprism.In her free time, you can generally find her hanging out in Metro Detroit or Ann Arbor; enjoying craft beer, good eats, and catching as many live indie bands or alternative themed dance nights as possible.

Niche: Anything Dreampop and the synth-side of Dark wave

Dane Di Pierro: A New York native now living near Washington DC, Dane is an air traffic controller by day and is the guitarist and co-founder of dream pop band Distant Creatures. Dane has stayed active in experimental and indie pop bands since his teenage years and has previously written reviews at Sputnik Music.

Niche: indie pop, Dream pop, shoegaze, DIY and anything jangley