Ghost Orange & VHS Ghost – Night So Small

Ghost Orange & VHS Ghost – Night So Small

This track was released at the start of October but somehow disappeared into the mire of endless releases and I just wanted to bring some attention to it as I am absolutely in love with this track. Dream folk artist Ghost Orange teamed up for this Night So Small with lofi bedroom pop VHS Ghost, and despite the fact that it broadly sounds like De Marco, this one has some elements that make it stand out and make it more appealing IMHO: unexpected jazz chords, tons of reverb, retro keys, warbly faraway dissonance and a woozy dreaminess that conjures up soft-lens visions of being in hammock with a large glass of Coca Cola listening to my transistor radio somewhere in the heavenly 70’s. A good place to be in.

Ghost Orange is the project of Callum Foulds from the UK, and Brandon Martin of Ghost Orange hails from Santa Cruz, California; both are their solo projects. More of this please!

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