The Churchhill Garden – Grounded

The Churchhill Garden – Grounded

Latest blast of sky-scraping glory from Krissy Vanderwoude and Andy Jossi

Hey! This was a little unexpected! If you have some cobwebs that need removing try blasting out Grounded a couple of times.

Another single ahead of a forthcoming album, Churchhill Gardens have kindly given us a tenacious dose of post-punk shoegaze goodness, with more than a hint of gothic grandeur. Razor sharp guitars propel Grounded towards the heavens, yes there’s definitely some Lush DNA in there but boy is it done well. If Grounded hit the sound system at a dark-wave club night it would fill the floor with flailing limbs.

In fact Grounded is a bit like having a gatecrasher inject your not so rocking party with some much needed good times before heading out the back door without even a formal introduction or the slightest attempt at small talk having spilled red wine over your beige carpet. But somehow you still forgive them…

Yes, it’s invigorating in all the best ways, a call to cease the dreaming and face reality because in the end you have to, ‘Get your feet back on the ground and your head out of the clouds

Described as ‘a bit more uptempo’ that’s probably underplaying it a bit. Three minutes forty eight seconds that feel more like two minutes thirty, always a good sign.

There’s a very welcome roar at it’s heart, and we need that as well as the comfort of melancholy in these challenging times.

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