Sofia Zadar – Children of Compost

Sofia Zadar – Children of Compost

When you play me a song that starts off with some 80’s synth-drums you’ve got my attention. When you add some dreamy guitar, translucent synth pads and some swoony vocals to the chorus, you’ve got my approval. Sofia Zafar‘s Children of Compost, released on August 22nd, happens to be such a track. It beautifully blends dreampop and 80’s neon pop into one glossy but wistful delicacy.

Sofia‘s music “explores the liminal space between trauma and social inequality, all through a queer, feminist and anti-capitalist lens“. Her musical style interweaves 80’s synthpop, post-punk and dreampop influences, as well as a dedication to spoken word and poetry. The Romanian indie chanteuse, apparently, has been a household name in the Bucharest indie-scene since 2018, playing all major music venues such as Control Club, Fabrica, and the Londohome cafe. In 2020 she released her first EP,  named Sunday Blue. After the singles Coming of Agency and Queen of Cups, Children of Compost is her 3rd single release of her 2nd EP Lyra.

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