Colatura – King Kalm

Colatura – King Kalm

Pythagoras was clearly onto something when he linked music, mathematics and the very cosmos itself. The notion that harmony is at the heart of the universe makes absolute sense, just as mathematical patterns lie behind some of the reasons certain music is particularly pleasing to the ear, this stuff doesn’t work as randomly as you might think…
Thankfully a thorough understanding of quantum physics isn’t required to appreciate King Kalm by Brooklyn trio Colatura, or I presume for them to create such deliciously comforting music. 
Press releases can be annoying when they steal your thunder like this one, reading reviews that simply package up quotes and references handed to writers on a plate are soooo boring, so let me state here it was MY idea to make a reference to Fleetwood Mac and shoegaze… or at least I think it was. Anyway, it’s no coincidence a song such as Dreams is streamed millions of time a year (even allowing for the TikTok effect). It’s all about the harmonic science behind such gorgeous slices of proto-dreampop and the comforting powers deep down in the music.
King Kalm seeks to sooth the anxieties that come built in to life in the post-industrial capitalist car-crash we’re living through. A tall order maybe, but you know what, it makes a pretty elegant stab at it. 

It’s there from the opening seconds as woozy guitars circle while a lonely riff is gently picked out and then the drums hit at just the right moment. This is what they call dynamics folks, King Kalm ebbs and flows through 3.39 of carefully constructed delicacy and genuinely ends far too soon. Little details like the undulating synth line picking out the melody, the cymbal accents and of course those harmonies, all three members dipping in and out like comforting angels at your shoulder.
‘So much sadness and you know it’s go nowhere to go…’
But you can still feel the sun on your face and you can always keep listening to the music, it never fails. 

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