Something Beautiful – A Sunday Records comp

Something Beautiful – A Sunday Records comp

Compilation albums, do they have a purpose in the age of ephemeral, playlist based music consumption?

The answer based on Sunday Records’ contribution is a resounding yes. There’s no need for a high flying concept or to even to tell a story, on the most basic level this is simply about sharing great music. That will never go out of fashion for those who want it, but the aim here is to give you something you’ll still be seeking out and playing many years down the line, as well as discovering new artists along the way.

Actually I prefer to think of these collections as closer to those cherished old-school mixtapes we used to trade. Albert (Sunday Records’ supremo) creates them (I refuse to say, ‘curates’ that’s for museums and art galleries) with heart, soul and love, always a rare and precious thing so grab it while you can.

Strawberry Generation’s debut album Afloat demonstrated a massively sure grasp of jangly-shoegaze pop euphoria “Soundtrack 2” edges confidently into Fountains of Wayne territory with it’s self-deprecating lyric and sweetly sighing background vocals.

From Japan, Mariana in Our Heads are a band who seriously need to release an album, just for me. The breathless rush of “Next Night” runs up and down your spine with crystalline New Order synths tugging at heart strings while urgently strummed acoustic guitar is kicked along by insistent bass, Natsumi’s vocals floating free.

Gold”, Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ contribution (from their Neon album), is a wonderful churning ball of angst-filled energy. Ragged guitar and pummelling, bass, contrasting with coolly dispassionate vocals.

Wilde Club Records veterans The Suncharms channel Thunderclap Newman’s, “Something in the Air”, and manage, with “Liquid Through my Hands”, to be languid and anthemic at once. Full album to finally follow after all these years.

Alpaca Sports bestow the gorgeously fragile, “Luxembourg Gardens”, a cello (?) driven song of yearning that swirls around you like petals falling. It’s an indie take on 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love”.

San Francisco hailing Starry Eyed Cadet are aptly named, ”Feathers” is outer-hemisphere scraping dream pop, sweet but never sickly. Lovely.

All of these riches and more are waiting for you, best heard in physical formats as you benefit from two excellent bonus tracks, including the second appearance from Marina in our Heads with the deliciously beatific “Imitation”.

So, you see, it’s just like I said, no need to over-think things when all we need is
Beautiful Music.

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