Pâle Regard & McBaise – Fantasmagoria

Pâle Regard & McBaise – Fantasmagoria

The fabulous dream/psychpop band Pâle Regard, hailing from France, have recently hooked up with McBaise, a French indiepop artist living in London who has been described as the French Mac de Marco and who claims to “need to record soundtracks to old sexy movies, in a smooth yachty rock style”. Today they release the excellent two-sided “Absurdia Fantasmagoria“, which tells us the story of a restless night where dreams and reality are mixed together and awakens in a weird fun-fair.

Pâle Regard‘s sound is a blend of velour, lofi vibes, languid vocals and vintage synths galore, lodging them quite nicely somewhere between the hallucinogenic Vinyl Williams and the jazzy, retro mellowness of Men I Trust, adding irresistible charming French accents to top things off. There is an awful lot of similar music being made that often just ends up like bland emulations. Not so here. This project is defo up there with the best of this hypnagogic sound. The collaboration between Pâle Regard and McBaise was written and recorded between Paris and London during the winter of 2020. I hope it will come to an album at some point!

Pâle Regard‘s advise: “Make yourself comfortable and grab a seat; the ride is about to start. We would advise for you to listen sitting in a dark environment with the music turned loud for maximum joy”

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