Oslo Oscillator – Original Sin

Oslo Oscillator – Original Sin

Norwegian indie-pop outfit Oslo Oscillator releases new single Original Sin on label Perfect Pop Records on the 3rd of May. It’s officially a “double single” shared with song What It Takes on the A-side or B-side, depending how you want to look at it. Both songs are apparently “really old songs” that have just taken some time to get recorded, but, as always, Oslo Oscillator continue to captivate me.

Original Sin elaborates on the theme of biblical Original Sin, set against the backdrop of climate disaster, voicing some inconvenient truths about human nature that are drowned out in a maelstrom of shoegaze noise. This track will please especially old Depreciation Guild fans as it houses similar shimmery stunning guitar chords building a wall of noise underpinned by intricate time signatures, broken up by pauses of blissful mellowness and gorgeous melody lines. This is all rounded off by a waltzy, rapturous coda that is enhanced by the vocals of Anna Gaarder Nikolaisen from the brilliant Nikolaisen family (Hilma, Elvira, Emil).

Upon hearing What It Takes, I couldn’t help but be strongly reminded of fellow Norwegian indie chanteuse Kaja Gunnufsen‘s Intro to her classic Faen Ta album from 2014, which I have played to bits over the years. Like the aforementioned track, the 8-minute long What It Takes meanders forth unhindered like a soundtrack to a commute in between changing landscapes guided by vibraphone and horns and surf-guitar, as something almost ambient in nature.

Frontman Kåre Eriksen on What It Takes: “Even when life goes in circles, life is moving forward. In the same way, What It Takes circuits and recycles its narrative over an eight-minute journey. Building from a pulsating vocoder and gentle, finger-picked guitars, the listener is drawn in as the landscape gradually shifts and turns, before spiralling out into orbit. What It Takes is a DIY bedroom project that just sort of expanded and grew. I remember playing the theme on guitar on a holiday in Ethiopia back in 2001, so a looong time in the making.”

Top quality indiepop from Norway as usual. Must be something in the water…..

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